Monday, October 24, 2011

A Celebration of Gratitude

This weekend, I had the honor of singing in the first concert of the Sing to Live Community Chorus's 7th season! I've been singing with this choir since it first started in 2005, and I have made some wonderful friends through the group. Sing to Live was founded by Melinda Pollack-Harris to bring the joy of singing and the gift of music to those whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. Music has been an important part of my own life since I had my very first piano lesson at the age of seven. I've sung in a few different choirs since college, and I have always believed in the healing power of music.

Now that I am in the midst of my own big journey, I had the opportunity to rediscover the real importance of music in my life. The theme of this concert—A Celebration of Gratitude—focused on being thankful for the gifts we have in our lives. The timing for me personally could not have been more appropriate. Since I started sharing the latest news about my heart issues with my family and friends, I have been receiving an incredible amount of support through one-on-one conversations, phone calls, emails, texts, and Facebook messages. Being able to share this concert with my choir friends (as well as a number of my family members who were in the audience) made for my own personal celebration of gratitude.

As I've said before, I believe that things happen for a reason. During this concert, I had the privilege of singing the solo in Greg Gilpin's song, The Gifts You've Given to My Life:
Sometimes "yes," more times "no," you showed me wrong from right.
Always patient with a tender smile every time that I asked "why?".
You showed me there is beauty if I only choose to see.
And life is full of choices, and the choice is up to me.

I wonder if you realize what all you've given me.
You've made such a difference in who I've come to be.
To all of my family members and friends who have been there—and continue to be there—for me every step of the way, I do hope you realize what you have given to me. I am able to maintain the positive attitude I have about this journey in large part because of your presence in my life. From the bottom of my heart (no pun intended), thank you. I love you all dearly!

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