Saturday, March 31, 2012

Catching Up & Moving Forward!

It's been a while since I've written a blog post here, so I figured I was long overdue for one. Things have been pretty great since I got back from Lobby Day in Washington, DC at the beginning of March. There's an old saying that "No news is good news." In this case, it's true! Things have been getting back to normal, and I've been able to return to my regular day-to-day routines without having to think a lot about my CHD. That said, however, it's still something I am frequently aware of; and I suspect it always will be. But not having to think about it actively in the sense of it affecting my regular life has been huge! And the more I am able to do that, the more I am grateful for the healthy life I have.

Since I got back from DC, my March has been pretty packed with a lot of exciting things:
  • Sang in four very successful and well-attended choir concerts: two with the Sing to Live Community Chorus and two with the Windy City Gay Chorus (part of Windy City Performing Arts).
  • Rejoined the board of my condo association after a couple year hiatus and took on the treasurer role.
  • Registered for the Chicago Half Marathon and worked with the folks at ACHA to establish our team: Captain Cardio's Pace Makers! (We're looking for runners and/or supporters, so you should think about joining and/or donating!)
  • Got an appointment to meet with my Congressman in early April as a follow-up to Lobby Day! (Representative Mike Quigley was not available to meet with me when I was in DC, but his staff have been great; and I was recently invited to meet with the Congressman in person in his district office.)
  • Wrapped up my current position and prepared to start my new job (still with the same great employer, but I made an important lateral move) on Monday morning!
  • Celebrated my 31st birthday (which was this past Thursday) with some wonderful family members and great friends.
  • Took my very first flying lesson. That's right! I actually flew a plan over Chicago's lakefront and Navy Pier this afternoon! It was a pretty incredible and surreal experience!

Just before my very first flight lesson!

It's been a really great month, and I'm now looking forward to the training and studying that are ahead of me. In the coming weeks, I will start officially training for the Chicago Half Marathon (which takes place on September 9th), and I plan to begin studying for the personal trainer certification test. So far, 31 has been treating me quite well, and I'm looking forward to the adventures that this coming year will bring!

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