Saturday, February 17, 2018

Why? Because I Can!

I recently became hooked on Madam Secretary and may have spent a few evenings binge watching the show on Netflix. There's an episode in Season 2 in which the Secretary's chief of staff Nadine Tolliver (Bebe Neuwirth) and her assistant Blake Moran (Erich Bergen) head to a bar after an especially long and stressful day at the office. Just as the singer at the bar's open mic is wrapping up, Blake is feeling overwhelmed by the world crises facing the office they both work in; and Nadine does her best to talk him down and give him a bit of a pep talk:
Nadine: Now, get up there and sing.
Blake: Oof, why?
Nadine: Because you can.
Although the show is fictional, in today's political climate, it sometimes feels like our real world scenarios are equally overwhelming. And there are times when national or global situations make me feel just as helpless as Blake does sitting in that bar.

But life goes on.

I am sometimes asked why I do as much as I do in the CHD community (and elsewhere). Sure, there are times when I feel overwhelmed with the number of things I've put on my own plate, whether it's participating in advocacy, speaking at a walk, writing an assigned blog post, or fundraising for the cause. But without being too simplistic about it, I think Nadine hits the nail on the head. I do it because I can. Volunteering on behalf of the CHD community is something that I am obviously passionate about, and I am extremely fortunate that I have the ability to do it! Not everyone can, and that's not something I take lightly.

Yes, I've had some rough moments with my congenital heart defect, and I recognize that there may be more less-than-pleasant times ahead. I don't take that fact lightly, either. But I also don't let it stop me from doing what I can do now or from planning what I want to do tomorrow. And until I know that I actually can't do something, I'm going to keep doing and trying to do what I can. Perhaps my "why?" is just that simple.

To me, life is all about experiences. Whether it's trying a new restaurant, meeting interesting people, traveling to a new place, or testing my own limits, I want to experience what I can while I can—because I can!

What's your "why"?

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